What is HDR(High Dynamic Range)
What is HDR(High Dynamic Range)

Features of JVC Projector

JVC projectors can realize High Contrast and Wide Dynamic Range in addition to High Resolution, High Brightness, Wide Color Gamut and Smooth Gradations.You can enjoy it's powerful, immersive and beautiful images not only for movies but in various video contents such as sports, music, documentary etc.

High Contrast and Wide Dynamic Range

In addition to D-ILA's unique characteristic of High Native Contrast, JVC projector has High Brightness of 2000lm,which can express significantly wider dynamic range compared with general projectors.

  General Projector JVC Projector
Native Contrast 10,000:1 or less 160,000:1
Brightness 1,800 lm 2,000 lm

Wide Color Gamut

The color gamut indicates the range of colors that can be expressed. The color gamut of BT.2020, which is a standard adopted for UHD Blu-ray Disc or 4K / 8K broadcasting,covers wider color range than BT.709 used in conventional full high vision broadcasting. It is possible to express colors richly, such as the natural gradation of the sky and the sea, contrast of the deep red roses and the fresh green trees, which were difficult to reproduce in the past.

  General Projector JVC Projector
Color Space BT.709(sRGB) DCI

4K 18G Full spec signal compatibility

Compared to conventional SDR, the PQ gamma curve adopted for HDR10 rises more steeply in the brighter area, so signal depth (bit) correspondence is important to avoid visible banding effects.Also, since 4K HDR streaming contents that are expected to expand, will mostly become 4K60p contents so the full-spec (18G) correspondence that can accept 4:2:2 12bit input even at 60p becomes very important.No worries with JVC, equipped with a chip set compatible to 18 Gbps for all models.We can realize vivid colors and natural gradation. Also, we support HDCP2.2 which enables playback of copyright protected content like video streaming contents and UHD Blu-ray etc.

  General Projector JVC Projector
HDMI max
4K60p 4:2:0 10bit (10.2Gbps)
4K60p 4:4:4 8bit /4:2:2 12bit (18Gbps)
HDCP 2.2 2.2

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