“Gumy” Bluetooth Sport Headphones with comfortable fit ear buds

With Bluetooth Technology there are no wires therefore no distraction. Simply pair them with your device and focus on your training. The built–in rechargeable battery provides you with 5 hours of continuous music for a perfect workout session.

Secure and Comfortable Nozzle Fit Earpieces

The Nozzle Fit Earpieces provide you with the ultimate fit when training.

With their unique shape they are designed to stay in place no matter how tough the workout is.

Sweat and Splash proof

The HA-EN10BT are rated IPX2 making them both Sweat and Splash proof - ideal for sport use.

4-color options

The HA-EN10BT has 4 colors variations. Choose from Blue, White, Black and Mint Blue and add some color to your music selection.