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Mario uses AE HA-ET50BT

Mario MolaI don’t listen to music when I’m training with the team, but I do when I’m running by myself. I have playlists made to match the distance and the target time. Even when you work out alone, you naturally get motivated hearing your favourite songs, and headphones that won’t fall off even when you are soaked in sweat are an ideal training partner. JVC’s AE stay in place even when I’m going at top speed, and with 9-hour play time, I can concentrate without any distraction from the juice running out.

Mario Mola
With JVC’s Run & Music app, I can increase the pitch of a song in my playlist a bit, which pushes me to pick up the pace to match the rhythm. But it’s natural, and doesn’t feel like more effort. It’s a great feeling to finish a run and find I did the distance faster than I expected.

Mario Mola When you train by yourself, it’s important to control your mind. So I think it’s good to have music that really amps you up, as well as some that lets you cool down after your training.


Mario Mola

Mario Mola is a Spanish professional triathlete. He is a world champion of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 ITU World Triathlon Series.