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On Using AE "Truly wireless" HA-ET90BT #1

Jeroen D‘HoedtWhat were you like as a child?My parents described me as an energetic and always-laughing child. A 'fun fact' about me is that I'm part of a triplet with my 2 brothers, Bram & Sander. My parents encouraged us kids to be really sporty. At the age of 8 we started basketball, a year later we began athletics and at the age of 12 we played tennis in a club. I think it's safe to say my parents gave me my love for sports.
My dream was to be a pilot, an architect or a 'Lego expert' as I wasn’t the biggest or strongest child growing up. However, at a later age I began to realize that I had a lot of athletic talent!

When did you start dreaming of becoming a world champion?My choice to pursue cross country as a life passion was heavily influenced by the atmosphere around me as a child. My parents were members of the local running club and nearby my house there was a big cross-country race. This coupled with the fact that I always liked playing in the mud made pursuing athletics an easy choice!
Later, when I became a European Cross Country Champion, I realized I was capable of doing more than I had ever believed before. It was this realization that allowed me to to begin dreaming of becoming a world champion.

Jeroen D‘Hoedt

Do you listen to music during training?Music is an inspiration and gets me going! It's an important part of my life and pushes me to go harder while on my toughest workouts. During early morning practices I love to run by myself while listening to music. My average training week consists of about 12 runs plus 2 core and 1 hurdle session and on long runs, music allows me to go on auto pilot and dream away!

How do you feel using the AE headphones?The first word that I would use to describe the AE headphones is freedom! I love being able to workout listening to high quality music without cables getting in the way. They offer a lot of comfort with a perfect fit, ensuring they fit snuggly in the ear while on my runs.

Jeroen D‘HoedtHow do you feel about becoming a JVC brand ambassador?I got my first JVC product, a Hi-Fi music station, at the age of 12 and have kept it to this day. JVC products, such as the Gumy in-ear headphones, have been an ongoing part of my life. I find the products to be really durable and am super excited to now be a brand ambassador.

What are your feelings heading towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?I had many great and special experiences at the Rio Olympics earlier in 2016. Once you have tasted the Olympic Spirit you want more. I'm feeling super excited about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Tokyo will be a symbol for the Olympic Games of the future!

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Jeroen D'hoedt

“Jeroen D'hoedt became Belgian Champion in the 3000m steeple chase in 2009 for the first time and participated in the Olympic Games of Rio in 2016. He also is the winner of the Belgian Championships cross country in 2018.”