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On Using AE "Truly wireless" HA-ET90BT #2

Jeroen D‘HoedtYou are now a brand ambassador of JVC, and have you ever been to Japan?In 2015, I had a pre-World Championship training camp in Chiba, next to Tokyo. My impression of Japan is very positive, I think we can learn a lot from the Japanese mentality, hospitality and technology.

Currently you are the Belgium champion of the Winter Cross Country Championships.What is the most appealing aspect of the sport to you?I think that the variety of courses (sand, mud, snow and fast) make cross country really challenging and an ideal preparation for track races.

Jeroen D‘Hoedt

As a competitive athlete, is there anyone you look up to or admire?As a child, I had posters of Michael Jordan in my bedroom. I also admire Ashton Eaton, an American decathlete, Olympic champion, and indoor heptathlon world record holder who broke the 9,000 point threshold in the decathlon.

What is your favorite food? Do you ever reward yourself with something when you win a competition?Good food is crucial to recuperation, energy levels and preventing injuries. I like to compare it to a racecar, with only normal fuel it would never be able to drive super fast.
After the finish of a season, one of the biggest rewards is going on a nice holiday and eating Belgian fries or pizza. Even though it’s not the healthiest option I love authentic Italian pizza!
I would describe myself as a “foodie” and like to go out eating. Food is really important socially.

Jeroen D‘HoedtHow do you like to relax and what are things that you do to inspire yourself when in a slump?I like to relax by watching movies or TV series, taking a bath, going out for coffee and of course… listening to music.
Although I don’t have a lot of days off, I do try and spend time with friends as well as travel during the off season.
When having a slump day, my advice is to try and be positive about the small things and to get back on the horse. I also try to stay disciplined in order to finish all my tasks that day. Afterwards I feel better! I like to say, “You have only one life, live it!”.

What is your future goal?My dream is to win as many races as possible and try to get the maximum amount out of my career. After that I would love to have a challenging job and see the world.




Jeroen D'hoedt

“Jeroen D'hoedt became Belgian Champion in the 3000m steeple chase in 2009 for the first time and participated in the Olympic Games of Rio in 2016. He also is the winner of the Belgian Championships cross country in 2018.”