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On Using the App JVC Run & Music

Kozue Ando I’d like to report on the JVC Run & Music app I’m using. It’s an incredibly convenient free app that lets you comfortably train by providing the optimal music to match your running pace. The app automatically analyses your BPM, so the operation is real easy. I recommend having lots of songs on your smartphone so that you can use music suited to your pace. After you have installed the app and have your BPM analysed, you set the target before running. You can set the running time, but I chose to set the distance this time, at 10 km. I like to start slowly as a warmup, at 90 BPM. Around midway, 130 BPM is my rhythm. I pace up later in the run, so I set it to 150 BPM. The songs get selected at random, and I exclude the ones I don’t want to listen to beforehand. I set it so that my favourite song will be played during my last spurt.

Kozue Ando When I finish the setup, I tap the start button, and I’m off running as the music starts. At first, I let my body warm up with a slow BPM. As my body gets warmed-up a bit, the songs to match my BPM setup start playing. It’s kind of magical the way you naturally match your pace to the music. I can skip tracks and try different songs. I enjoy running, feeling I’m in perfect harmony with the music.

When I look at my smartphone, I’m just past the 5 km point. The pace is not too hard, and feels good. Being able to see the current status on your smartphone is cool. There’s also a voice feature that lets you know whether you are on the pace you want, if you set the target time for each section.

I’m running in good spirits for a while, then the pitch increases in the next song. The pace goes up a notch. As I hear my favourite song play, I really get psyched up. The power of music is amazing! I give the final spurt with my favourite tune, and complete the 10 km run!

Kozue Ando So I finish running the setup distance of 10 km. The session felt great, so I saved the running results as a playlist. Next time, I will use this playlist, and try to train at a slightly faster pace with the pitch control feature. I even might be able to increase my speed.


Kozue Ando

Professional women’s soccer player. She was a member of the women’s national team Nadeshiko Japan that won the world championship for the first time at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany. After playing at SGS Essen of the Women Bundesliga in Germany, she returned to Japan and is currently a member of Urawa Reds Ladies. Her position is forward. She is one of JVC’s advisory contract athletes.