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Wireless "TINYPHONES" for Kids

TINYPHONES are created for kids by JVC.

The HA-KD9BT wireless headphones allow kids to play around freely without any interruptions


HA-KD9BT have no wires, so kids can move around freely. The Active Volume Limiter reduces sound pressure levels to 85dB. TINYPHONES protect kid’s ears from loud music.


The HA-KD9BT are lightweight with soft earpads and a 12 hour battery life; perfect for long periods of use.


The headband length is adjustable with a 7-step memory. This ensures the best and comfortable fit to the child’s head. The headband is both flexible and durable even when pulled by kids.


The headphones are available in 2 colour variations. The included stickers create a personalised and unique set of headphones. The wide headband can be creatively decorated!